Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris : "Happy Birthday"

English Dialogue

In Class, the clock refer 12.00
“Kring……. Kring…… Kring…..”

Teacher                : the time is end! Please, prepare all to go home !
Student                                : Okay miss
Teacher                                : before we go home, lets pray together! Pray do…….. Enough!
Student                                : Good Afternoon miss!
Teacher                                : Good Afternoon All!  I miss you ! And see you!
Student                                : See you

After that student go out from the class. At this time Fahri, Naufal, Hendra, Syifa Ajeng, Rigma go to canteen togheter.
In the canteen..
Fahri                      : I’am very hungry !
Naufal                   : I’am too,  let buy any foods !
Hendra                 : naufal, fahri do you want to buy ???
Fahri and Naufal               : Yes, why ?
Hendra                                 : I want treat you !!
Fahri                      : hendra, hendra you are so beautifull ups… I think handsome !!!
Naufal                   : hahahaha hendra beautiful, Thanks hendra!!
Syifa                      : eh… eh hendra I want yo treat me and my friend
Hendra                                 : ok..!! ya alloh I hope I not kere bismillah….
               Astaga !!! I not bring money, sorry-sorry
All                           : yeah hendra,,,,,,
Naufal                   : Ok lets buy some foods and cash by money in your self
Syifa                      : Okay….

Rigma                    : Excuse me, I am order 5 soto and 5 glass of tea
Syifa                      : Please, delivered to table number 3 thanks

Hendra                 : you know??? Rigma >?
Naufal                   : Yes !! why ?
Hendra                 : She is beautiful….
All                           : Cee ehhhhhh………

Rigma & Syifa     : jess… jes… jes…  Tut… tut.!!! The soto readry to eat….
Syifa                      : it’s for you naufal, its for you hendra, its for you fahry, its for you rigma, its for           you ajeng, and the last for me hahaha….
All                           : Thanks you!!

* After Eating
Ajeng                    : Emb….
                                May you come to bioscope XXI  in this afternoon at 08.00 p.m. ?
Syifa                      : what happen ?
Ajeng                    : nothing! But Please come ! okay
Fahri                      : Okay !! It’s free???
Ajeng                    : of course
Rigma, Syifa        : okay I will come to the bioscope
Hendra                 : Sorry, I very busy in this afternoon
Fahri                      : why ?
Hendra                 : I must help my perents
Fahri                      : Okay no problem
Naufal                   : who want go to bioscope with me ?? by bus ??
Fahri                      : Okay, me!!
Syifa                      : I’m too
Rigma                    : oh I will go to the bioscope by walk
All                           : really
Rigma                    : Yes…
All                           : emb…

Ajeng                    : Okay thanks for your participant!!
All                           : youre welcome

At Saturday night Syifa, Fahri, and naufal go to the bioscope by bus and rigma go to by walk with foot, at 08.00pm ajeng’s friend arrive in front of the bioscope and waiting ajeng. And not long time ajeng come …
*at bioscope
Ajeng                    : Oh my friend thanks  for your participant to come to this bioscope
Fahri                      : Ok…
Rigma                    : huhhh… iam so tired , I want to sleep…
Naufal                   : Are you really you buy some ticket to fahri, Rigma, Syifa, and me for free?
Ajeng                    : yes…,
Syifa                      : why ??? please answer!!!
Ajeng                    : emb…
Fahri                      : Oh I know, I remindthis is Ajeng’s birthday!!!!!
Naufal                   : 1…2…3…

“…. Happy birthday to you”
“Happy birthday to you…”
“Happy birthday, Happy birthday “
“Happy birthday to you”

Fahri                      : sorry we not bring any gift
Naufal                   : yeah
Syifa                      : oh because….. yo like one
Ajeng                    : Direction
Syifa                      : I bring this CD album, here you are
Ajeng                    : Oh thankyou my friend Thanks ….. Oh my One Direction ummmmuah…..
                                One direction in my love ohhhhh…….
All                           : We Must say WOW ??? ckckckck
Naufal                   : Okay ALLL LET’S GO TO BIOSCOPE!!!
ALL                         : GOOO!!!

The End



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