contoh Description Text of yogyakarta

Description Text of Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is one  the nice  places from our countries. Yogyakarta city is in south of java island.  It is a popular holiday resort for people who like cultural and historical sites.
Yogyakarta is a small city but there are many places where we can visit them. There are many temples in the province, such as Prambanan, Kalasan and Sambi Sari. There are also two palaces that we must not miss, Hamengkubuwono and Pakualam Palace. Yogyakarta is a tropical city. There are palm trees and other tropical fruit trees. There are also beautiful beaches, such us Parangtritis, Krakal, Kukup Glagah. It is not difficult to get around the city at the day because taxis and buses are easily found. Unfortunately, there is no bus in evening. The only way to see the nightlife of the city is by taxi, but it rare at night. I like Yogyakarta because it’s a beautiful and peaceful city.


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