Contoh Speech / pidato Bhs. Inggris tentang GAME ONLINE

Assalamu’alikum Wr. Wb.

The honorable Mrs. Hj. Tri Rukmini, S.Pd. the head master of SMP N 1 Godean.
The teacher and the employees that I respect
And my friend good morning!!! How are you today?? Bad / Good
Ok, in this very happy occasion I would like to tell you about something.., so what is that??
Yeah, I will tell you about the positive and negative effects of Game online for educational and Healthy
Increasingly cheapness Internet connection makes online games are mushrooming in Indonesia, especially in big cities.
We can play any game online via sosial media for example: Top Eleven, Dragon City, Perjuangan Semut, Coco Girl, and City Ville. You know this game??
And there are any game online without social media, such as Point Blank (PB), Age of Empires, and etc. Do you always play that game??

Online game have any positive impact and negative impact. Ok I will discuss one by one
1.   Increase hand and eye coordination
For example strategy game such as PB, Age of empire

2.   Improve the English language skills
Because game online mostly use the English language, we can learn any new vocabulary.

3.   Improve Concentration
we need accuracy and concentration to play the strategy game,

4.   Improve knowledge about computer
We can learn troubleshooting computer, overclocking, how to accelerate internet connection, and etc.

And another Positive Impact.

Negative Impact
1.   Wasting time with useless
Because game online very fun,we need more time to play. for example TOP ELEVEN we must waiting long time to get token, leveling up, get football player , etc.  Because of that we usually forget the materials in the school and not study at night.

2.   Cause addiction
Some fun game, make you to want play again.

3.   Make you dissipation (pemborosan)
To play game we need money to buy the internet packet, buy token, cash the electric bills, and etc.

4.   Encourage doing negative things
For example, some game are difficult and lead us to look for HOW TO CHEAT THIS GAME..,

5.   damage our health
For Example: Eye strain, Ambien, lowers metabolism

The last but not at least,  if you like game online it’s no problem but remember do not play the game over 1 hour at least 15 minutes or less and don’t forget the material at school and don’t forget to study material at school again and

And the last, if I have mistake I say sorry and Thanks you your attention,

Wassalamu’alaikm wr. Wb.